Once you sign the contract on a new house, the next step should be getting a professional home inspection done to know if there are going to be any problems with the home. There are a few things you should add to the home inspection list for your professional to ensure everything is covered. Here are some of the basics.

Home Interior

The inspector should check the walls and floors, as well as doors and windows, and all the steps. Your inspector should also notice any cracks in the walls or around doors or windows, and whether it could be a structural issue. If the house has appliances, the inspector should examine them and see if they have been well maintained, though they may not be able to make a diagnosis on how long the appliances will last or what is wrong with them if they are not in good working order. They are also not able to inspect under the carpet or under tile in the bathroom to look for foundation problems or unsuspecting mold.

Home Exterior

An inspector should look at every part of the exterior, which includes doors, any part of the deck or balcony, garages, walkways, patios, and driveways. An inspector will look at the roof to see if it’s wearing out and inspect the gutters and chimney if there is one.

Plumbing and Electrical

Home inspectors should look at all aspects of plumbing and electrical wiring in the house. When it comes to plumbing, the water heater, faucets, and sewage lines should be checked. For electrical, all light fixtures, conductors, and circuit interrupters should be inspected. If the home has an HVAC system, this will also be looked at to make sure it is operating properly.


Inspectors should enter crawlspaces and examine parts of the foundation that don’t have insulation covering.

What’s Not Covered?

There are a few things that inspectors don’t have to check, so you should be aware of these. Inspectors won’t move furniture or other large items. In the winter, it could be more difficult to inspect the roof because of snow or ice covering. According to an Exterminator in Raleigh NC, most inspectors won’t look for termites or other insect infections though they may be able to advise you if they do notice pest activity. Some inspectors will offer this as an add-on service, so it’s a good idea to ask about this if you’re moving into an older home.

Inspectors aren’t normally supposed to guarantee their work, but if you look for an inspector that is backed by International Association of Certified Home Inspectors you can have added peace of mind. If something was missed in the inspection, they will buy your home back in 90 days.

Make sure you are with your home inspector during the inspection, even though this is not required, so you can ask questions and understand your new purchase better. With the right things checked off, you can be sure your new place will work for you.