When you need to move into a new rental property, it’s important to realize that the new landlord will be contacting your previous landlords before they allow you to move into their home. Many tenants assume that a landlord that owns rental properties will not have time to contact each previous landlord for every tenant that applies to rent a property from them.

Most landlords do contact previous landlords and these are the questions they will ask:

Did the Tenant Pay Their Rent on Time?

The landlord will ask if you paid your rent on time. No landlord wants to have to chance a tenant for the money that they owed each month. If the landlord says that you did not pay your rent on time, there is a good chance you might be denied for the rental that you want.

Did the Tenant Take Care of the Rental Property?

The landlord will not want to rent to someone who will not respect their property. They will ask your previous landlord how well you took care of the property while you lived in it and what condition you left it in when you vacated the property. They will not want to have to clean up after you when you leave or have their property destroyed while you are living there.

Did the Tenant Own Any Pets?

There are some landlords who do not allow pets in their rental properties because they do not want them to cause any damage to the homes. The landlord will want to know if you previously owned a pet because if you had one at your last rental property, there is a good chance you will want to bring it to your next rental property.

Did the Tenant Have Anyone Living with Them?

The landlord will only want people who have signed their rental agreement living in their home because they are the only ones who will be bound to the information listed in it. If you had people living in your previous house who were not on the lease, the landlord may be fearful you will do the same when you live in their house.

Landlords ask all of the questions listed above to reduce the risk of renting to tenants who will cause them a lot of trouble in the long run. They want to be able to rent to reliable people who will not damage their home and pay their rent on time.