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Buying a new home is an important financial and personal investment. With the rising costs of living, it is important to ensure that the new house is constructed accordingly to prevent future costs of maintenance and reconstruction. For over 25 years, Rocket City Home Inspections has provided homeowners with personalized and quality services, to ensure that their dream homes meet all their expectations.

Home inspections are not only useful to home buyers, but also to sellers and homeowners. Making a full renovation of a house requires inspection by professionals, who identify problems that are hidden in inaccessible parts of the house. Identification of malfunctions before putting up a house for sale could help you improve the market price. For these reasons, Rocket City Home Inspections is ready to provide professional advice to potential and current homeowners.

About Home Inspector Hobbs Island Alabama – Rocket City Home Inspections

Selecting a qualified and experienced home inspector is crucial. Rocket City Home Inspections takes pride in being a certified home inspecting company that is accredited by InterNACHI. Homeowners can look for the full list of licensed members on the InterNACHI site.

RCI also works hand in hand with organizations such as Specialty Building Consultants(SBI), Exterior Design Institute, Moisture-Free Warranty, and the Environmental Solutions Association. More importantly, RCI strictly adheres to the American Society of Home Inspections (ASHI) Code of Ethics which provides guidelines for home inspection professionalism and ethics. A full list of credentials is available at our website.

Our Services.

Home Inspector Hobbs Island Alabama – Rocket City Home Inspections offers a full range of services for all clients. The services are structured to cover every part of a home and can be customized for each home. Clients can look forward to the following services.

1. Outside Home Inspection: RCI inspection involves a detailed look at the propane tank, the grading, and drainage of the drainage to prevent flooding and landscaping. We also check building exterior for peeling paint, crumbling stucco, rotting trims and blocked or detached gutters. The conditions of the roof, doors, windows, and foundations are also considered. Additional checks of the driveway, porches, fences, and sheds are also included.

2. Inside House Inspection: This is a detailed inspection of the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. We ensure that all the walls are void of cracks and that the wall finishes in place are firm. We ensure that the floor is flat to avoid poor drainage and that the floor finish used is in good condition. In addition, we include a ceiling, window, and electricity check to ensure that all sockets, switches, and bulbs are functioning properly.

3. Garage Inspection: We check for a firewall that should exist between the house and your garage, the condition of the floor inside the garage, drainage and the condition of the door and walls.

4. Fire Place Inspection: If the house has a fireplace, RCI checks for the damper, structure and chimney conditions.

5. Kitchen Inspection: Rocket City Home Inspections will have a look at the walls, windows, ceiling, lights and electrical outlets. Also included is a look at the appliances, exhaust fans, faucets, sinks, and drains.

6. Bathroom inspection: Apart from the usual check of the condition of the floor, ceilings, walls, a bathroom inspections includes a thorough look at the lights, electric outlets, the shower, sink, bathtubs, taps, mirrors, and faucets.

7. Attic Inspection: Homeowners with attics can look forward to a thorough attic check that includes a check for the insulation, the wiring, roof condition, vents and even pest presence.

8. Basement Inspection: Homeowners with basements enjoy a basement check to ensure that the walls, ceilings, and windows are in good condition. We also check for the air-conditioning, the sinks, faucets, and condition of the washroom facilities in the basement.

9. EIFS/Stucco and Home Inspections

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems have been in use since the World war two and have played a major role in shaping the construction industry in the US.

The system has five systems:
• An adhesive to attach the system to the building.
• Panels of expanded polystyrene foam insulation
• A base coat that is troweled over the foam insulation panels.
• A glass fiber reinforcing mesh that is laid over the polystyrene insulation panels then fully embedded in the base coat.
• A finish coat that is troweled over the base coat and the reinforcing mesh.
Our report includes digital photographs showing areas where the finishes have become loose, and need replacement.

Mold Inspection

The presence of mold in the house is an indicator of high humidity levels. Even if all molds are not toxic, a majority of them may cause allergies. Keeping the dehumidifier on and having a proper air-conditioning system is a great way of preventing mold growth. We have qualified Inspections to carry out a thorough mold inspection.

Generally, mold will thrive in moist regions in the house. Here are a few are you should look out for.

• Areas that have water damage from leaking pipes, fridges, dishwashers or toilets.
• Leaking Roofs
• Bathrooms without exhaust
• In the crawl space, if the vapor barrier is not correctly installed
• Poorly sealed windows
• In your kitchen, if an exhaust fan is not used when cooking
• If water damage has taken place or carpet has gotten damp and not adequately dried
• Water damage around the pipes
• Excessive basement moisture content without any ventilation

What to Expect

All Home Inspector Hobbs Island Alabama clients should look forward to a fully detailed report that includes colored photographs and videos to support all the findings. We also give verbal reports on site to help clients understand the findings. We secure the digital copies with passwords to prevent unauthorized changes, and also give a printed report. We look forward to any questions a client may have during the procedure.

What are the Benefits of a Home Inspection for you Hobbs Island Home?

1. Benefits as a Buyer.

Buying a home is a huge financial and personal decision. Carrying out a home inspection ensures that long-term problems in the house are identified earlier on. The buyer has concrete evidence to re-negotiate the price of the house if malfunctions are identified during the inspection. The buyer can also demand remodeling and fixing of the problems that arise during the inspection.
More importantly, having a home inspection will give home buyers peace of mind after verifying that the homes they choose to purchase are in good condition and that any problems are immediately taken care of.

2. Benefits as an Agent

Agents can build credibility by showing their buyers the results of the home inspection. This is a great way of showing that the agent has the buyers’ interests at heart and that they are dedicated to providing the best. A home inspection is an investment geared towards building trust and creating goodwill for the agent.
Knowing the condition of the house also plays a key role in determining the market price of the home for sale. Once potential problems are identified on time, they can be fixed before sales are made. A home inspection will also help any agent avoid legal suits associated with duping customers, especially once a contract is signed.

3. Benefits for the Seller.

A home inspection will help the seller prepare for a home sell. Knowing the condition of the house prevents legal suits due to non-disclosure, Changes in the price of the home can also be negotiated, and remodeling was done on time.

4. Benefits for the Lender.

Every lender in the market looks forward to making profits, by having their loans paid on time. A home inspection is a genuine way of determining the condition of the home and estimating the market price. If a home buyer is duped into purchasing a home that requires remodeling and fixing, then the lender stands a chance of making losses because the buyer may not be ready to repay the loan.
Late repayments deplete the monetary resources of the lender, and even if the home in question is ceased, it would not generate enough money to repay the debt. Carrying out a home inspection can help home buyers have their loans approved faster.

5. Benefits for Property Owners.

For owners that have enjoyed living in their homes for years, home inspections are used to identify problems in the house that need fixing. The walls, roofs, ceilings, doors, windows, appliances, wiring, lighting, and air-conditioning in the house need constant renovations from time to time. Repairs and replacements can be made based on the RCI home inspection report.

6. Benefits for Insurance Companies.

Insurance companies can save money through home inspections from time to time. The value of the homes can be identified, and in case of disasters, the amounts to be paid back are easily determined. More importantly, insurance companies can avoid legal suits by presenting home inspection reports as evidence to support their decisions.


Home inspections in Hobbs Island have numerous benefits for all the parties in the real estate industry, and Rocket City Home Inspections is ready to provide quality services to all. We cover the Alabama and Tennessee areas such as Birmingham AL, Huntsville AL, Montgomery AL, Tuscaloosa, AL & Nashville, TN. Our full range of services is readily available to all.

Our services are tailored to suit every Hobbs Island homeowner needs and provide a detailed report at an affordable price. With Rocket City Home Inspections, you are assured of having the exterior, interior, attics, and basement checked before remodeling, purchasing, selling or leasing a housing unit.


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