If you are looking to sell a home, there are still quite a few things you must do before placing the property on the market. Your real estate agent will require a professional home inspection to find any potential problems or needed upgrades. Getting a home inspection can often make sellers stressed, but you don’t have to be worried if you get the right inspections done. Here are a few things to have inspected and repaired before you contact a real estate company and get your house on the market.

Rooftop Inspection

Potential homebuyers want to buy a building that has a sturdy roof with high-quality waterproofing and insulating layers. Have a professional inspector use an extension ladder or bucket truck to climb onto a rooftop to look for problems. The inspector will also want to look at the roofing structure from inside a ventilation space or attic, so you should make it easier for the technician to enter these areas.


Plumbing Fixtures

You should contact a plumber who does home inspections for the real estate market. Make sure to remove any clutter that is below the sinks in a bathroom or kitchen, so they can look for problems in the pipes. The inspector will also check fixtures such as toilets and bathtubs to look for problems that will require a repair. Don’t forget to have the inspector look at your home’s water heater to make sure that it is in a safe condition.


Electrical Systems

An electrician can check your home’s electrical systems to verify that the switches and outlets are in optimal condition. The electrician may want to check the outlets that are located behind appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, so prepare by moving items away from these devices.


Heating and Cooling Equipment

It is essential to verify that the cooling and heating equipment in your home is working correctly to satisfy a real estate agent. A knowledgeable technician can inspect a home’s air conditioner, furnace, and venting systems to give you a written report that states that these items meet local safety codes.


Pest Control Services

Before selling a home in most regions, you must prove that it isn’t infested with termites or other common pests. According to Pro Force, this type of insect consumes wood or other cellulose materials, and if a building is infested with insects, then it is often structurally unsound. An exterminator can also check for other pests such as cockroaches, ants or rodents so that you can eliminate these vermin before you try to sell a home.


Get a written copy of all professional inspections so you can give the information to a real estate agent along with the potential homebuyers. This makes your house more legitimate in the eyes of buyers and can put you above other sellers in the market.