As a homeowner, you are continually thinking about ways to keep you, your loved ones, and your property secure and safe from damage. In recent years, crime rates have increased in major cities across the United States, and the number of children and other family members falling victim to accidents in and around the home has tragically risen as well. Current trends in home safety and security technology are now making it easier to manage your assets and keep your loved ones safe from harm. Nevertheless, these crazy facts about home safety will have you scrambling for the latest and greatest in home security.

A Crime Involving Private Property Occurs Every 3.9 Seconds

In the time it takes you to read this article, more than 20 homes will have been burglarized or violated in some way. Numbers of property crimes reported last year totaled almost eight million, with over 12.4 billion in assets reported stolen. Sadly, only 26 percent of that was recovered and returned to the original owners. It’s time to update your security system!

43,000 Burglaries Are Reported Annually

Recent statistics report that a burglary happens every twenty seconds in the United States. 72 percent of those burglaries were reported on residential property, and most access is gained through a door or window that could have been secured more efficiently. According to ADT, “there were over 1 million burglaries reported in 2015. That’s a rate of one burglary for every 134 homes making security more important than ever.”

Assault Is Common In Burglary

Over 26 percent of burglaries involved an assault when a family member was present. Unfortunately, in almost 65 percent of robberies that included assault, both victim and perpetrator knew each other. The highest number of burglaries and assaults occurred in homes of single females with children, who are particularly vulnerable to these types of crimes. Protecting yourself and your loved ones become the ultimate priority when faced with statistics like these.

Fire Is A Common Cause Of Property Damage

A home structure fire is reported every 86 seconds in the United States. 14.3 billion in assets is lost or damaged every year, and three out of five fatalities occur in homes without working smoke detectors. Installing a home security system with working smoke detectors that link to a monitoring system can reduce the risk of catastrophic damage and death significantly.

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

400 people die each year from carbon monoxide-related poisoning. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless, and infiltrates your home through foundation walls and well systems. If carbon monoxide levels become too high, and high levels are ingested, it can cause sleepiness, lethargy, brain damage, and even death. Having a battery operated CO monitor installed in your home will ensure that you are alerted when levels become excessive.

Home Accidents That Result In Serious Injury Or Death Can Be Prevented

Accidents that occur in and around the home can be prevented with the use of proper security measures taken. Suffocation, drowning, poisoning, and even brain injuries due to falls and other spills can all happen on your property. With a home security system correctly installed, you can save precious minutes caring for injured while monitoring systems do the work of assessing the emergency and sending out critical care units to assist.

Security Systems: An Essential Component Of A Healthy Home Environment

A correctly installed home security system provides peace of mind for you and your family. Not only can it alert you to potential dangers, but it can also connect you to emergency response systems that will assist you in your time of need. Be safe when installing your security system; consider hiring a professional who will make sure you are connected to the right people, so your critical needs are monitored and met. For pennies on the dollar, making this investment ensures that you and your family are safe and secure for years to come.